The combination of our capitalistic society and our education system has trained us to believe that our productivity and performance determines how valuable we are.

It seems like I’m endlessly bombarded with thoughts like “I need to do more” or “I need to do better” or both. It is a constant struggle to rewire this mentality.

I have found it helpful to first acknowledge that this mentality is not even effective at producing the desired result. Needing to be productive prevents me from being productive.

I am actually more productive when I remove productivity from how I gauge my self…

The complexity of a human being is tremendous. Millions of past experiences, thousands of thoughts per day, what we think about in the shower, what we feel as we go to sleep at night. What can you really know about someone else, if you cannot know what it feels like to experience their day to day existence?

A humble not knowing mindset is useful in human interaction. This is easy when interacting with strangers. When we notice judgements about a stranger arise in our mind, it’s easy to identify these thoughts as bias and past experience. …

vs reasoned decision making

Is reasoning a requirement for effective decision making?

Is it ok to trust my intuition even when I don’t fully understand what it’s encouraging me to do?

When does taking an intuitive leap of faith become reckless?

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I value the mind’s ability to think through a problem. But more and more I wonder if decision making with the mind is actually a limitation.

What if the mind is limited by what it is able to imagine? The mind IS limited by what it’s able to consciously perceive and understand.

What if I am closing myself off to the unimaginably infinite…

5 years ago
I lost a brother

21 years young Death claimed him
I never finished grieving

and then in a moment of despair
I felt his presence within me

and that’s when I realized
he will never abandon me

he is always with me
he always believes in me

I am always supported
I am always loved

and now I am grateful because
what was once a loss is now a gain

I love you Marty. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for your love.


I resonate with the heart of the post above. I believe we should treat each other with kindness and respect. But, I disagree with the framing.

Let’s start with the definition of the word “owe” (verb) have an obligation to pay or repay (something, especially money) in return for something received.

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What does it mean, to declare, “I am.” ?

Without an attribute, quality, or characteristic attached

Simply, “I am.”

Once there’s a concept in front of “I am”
I become bound by the abstraction of the mind

I no longer feel unlimited, infinite, & eternal

Meditation with the mantra “I am.” is a portal to the embodiment of “I am.”

The experience of pure existence and nothing else

I am.

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Blessings & Gratitude,

Instagram: @kyrotechnics

I was having trouble finding what to write about today, and then this appeared in my Twitter timeline.

My friend Katya, the creator of Monthly Dailies, wrote about washing dishes, which has inspired me to share my own reflections on washing the dishes.

As I examine my habit of procrastination when it comes to washing the dishes, I find that the source of resistance is my relationship with cleaning in general. Procrastination, I have learned, is almost always a subconscious desire to avoid an emotion, an emotion that’s associated to the task at hand.

So, the question becomes, what emotion am I avoiding? And why does my subconscious mind associate that emotion with cleaning?

Like Katya, I was…

The date today is 4/3/21. The last date that had consecutive descending digits like that was 3/2/10. And the next date will be 5/4/32.

So it’s pretty rare. But does that mean it’s significant?

I have a friend who always notices when the time has repeating numbers. 11:11 or 3:33, times like that. For her these little synchronicities are a sign from the universe that she’s on the right path, doing the right thing. For her, there’s significance in the numbers that show up in her life.

Is this significance real? How do you even define significant? One of the…

So much of my healing journey has been learning to process emotion. Letting go of the emotional pain I had been carrying in my body. Putting down the burden of resentment.

But how tho? There are limits to thinking about emotional processing. Reading and intellectualizing what needs to be felt. Eventually, I needed to simply feel the feelings.

There are a few tools that can help ease the mind, and grease the wheels of emotional processing.

I share them here.

The Tool of Permission

Give yourself the permission to feel what you’re feeling. Whatever emotion exists right now is valid. In fact the emotion…

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